Full BodyPolished Sketch, flat colors - $135
Polished Sketch, black and white - $95
Simple Sketch, flat colors - $55
Waist upPainting - $160
Polished Sketch, flat colors - $100
Polished Sketch, black and white - $70
BustPainting, bust - $75
Sketch + Flat Colors - $35
Chibi, colored - $35
Character Ref Sheet: Itemized with the options above + $20
Character sketch sheets do not have set prices.
Around 80% per extra characters.
Message me for not listed things and commercial artwork.
Linework/Lineart exclusive for patrons.
Minor alterations - $20
Medium alteration - $50+
Major alteration - $80+

Short ToS

  • Commissions are for personal/non-commercial use only.

  • Payment is upfront and processed via PayPal. I'll send the invoice.

  • I send a Concept sketch before invoicing, and after the invoice is paid, the Cleaned sketch for approval.

  • Additional fees may be added for very complex designs.

  • Visual references are preferred! Photo references that you've found are perfectly OK.

  • Commissions take from 4 days to 2 weeks. Check the queue at Trello!

  • I am always open for contact at my email and Twitter!

  • Extra charges may apply.

  • You must be at least 18 or older to commission me.

Full Terms of Service

I will contact from the email [email protected]. I will not use any other email.
- Commissions are for personal and non-commercial use only.
- Works intended for profit or commercial purposes may have prices and terms of service different than those listed below. Discussion must be made before-hand regarding the scope of work requested.
- Payment is upfront and processed via PayPal in $USD (United States Dollar).
- The product is a digital art piece and will not be shipped or physically delivered. Personal information will not be shared.
- Do NOT send me payments. Please wait to receive an invoice.
I will send the invoice within 2 days after a concept sketch is approved.
- You must be at least 18 or older to commission me.---Completion time:
- You can check the queue and other updates on my Trello link:
- Each commission will be completed between 1-3 weeks, depending on the complexity and current queue.
- A preliminary (concept) sketch will be sent for approval before continuing the commission. Once approved, an invoice will be sent. When the invoice is paid, the cleaned sketch will be sent.
- After the cleaned sketch's' approval, I'll finish the piece within 5 days max (Depending on complexity, max of a week.)
- Please pay attention to your mailbox. Delays in responses will delay the whole process.
- You will be informed of any circumstances that may delay my progress on your commission.
- My inbox and Twitter are ALWAYS open to answer any questions regarding your commission.
- Progress might be shared on Patreon, unless stated otherwise (for public)
- There is no alteration fee for the concept sketch.
- After the cleaned sketch minor alterations are acceptable, major alterations will carry an additional charge depending on their impact on the piece. Fees will be decided based on the time spent to apply the change.
- I reserve the right to refuse overly extensive revisions and complex alterations due to missing or misrepresented elements due to unclear information.
- I, as the artist, reserve the rights to decline a commission for reasons I see fit before work is started.
Declined commissions will not be charged.- Cancellations are free of charge until the concept sketch is received. Once the cleaned sketch is received and invoice is paid, cancellations are no longer available.*In my country, PayPal does not allow me to complete full refunds without major expenses on my side. For that reason, I will only process refunds if I am unable to finish the piece for reasons beyond my control.
Cancellations can only be done before the invoice is paid.
---Reposting and uses:
- I reserve the right to share the artwork on my social media platforms. If you would prefer the commission to remain private, please indicate that in your initial email/forms.
- The commissioned work can NOT be turned into NFT (crypto art) and cannot be traded as such.
- The commissioned work can NOT be used to feed AI of any sort.
- You are allowed to repost the commissioned work to personal galleries (DeviantArt, Fur Affinity, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) with appropriate credit and a link to my social media.
- Work cannot be used for profit unless agreed otherwise.
---REMEMBER: It’s a service, not a physical good and won't be delivered physically.

For more previous works, check social medias and ArtStation.

To commission me, fill the google forms, or email me.

If the forms are closed, commissions are not open.
I open commissions twice a month.
For updates on them, check twitter, or subscribe to my newsletter!

Frequently Asked Questions

- When you open your queue?I open twice a month, keep your eyes on my social media, or ask me directly! Patrons can fill early, and get perks!-*** When will you invoice me? Should i send a payment?***Don't send me payments! I don't like holding on to money for too long, so I only invoice after the concept idea is sent, and when I'm halfway though cleaning, so I can warn you of big alterations needed!- What counts as furry?For my commissions, furries would be considered anthro or bestial characters, monsters, and aliens, and if I'm not confident, I'll keep you updated as I go!- How does the queue work? Is it first come first served?The queue is organized in workflow. First, the Patrons commissions, then the remaining are organized in a way I won't overwork or delay. I take in consideration time of completion, difficulty, character amount, etc.- What is the wait time on the queue?I try my best to not exceed 15 days for me to start your commission, but it depends on the requests made. I can finish a queue in 10 days or in a month, depending on the complexity of the commissions and time the clients take to reply my emails.- Do you draw NSFW content?
Yes i do. I do not draw explicit content to minors (and you must be 18 or older to commission me anyway.) I will NOT draw, under any circumstances:
- How do I know where I am on the queue?I use a link on Trello that show the progress! But you can always ask me on twitter or tumblr!- Do you draw fanart? (IE: Canon characters like Illidan, Critical Role cast, Urianger, Bowser)
I do, non-profit and personal enjoyment only.
- I want to commission something outside of your list. Is it possible?I am up for challenges and new things! Contact me before filling the forms!- Do i have to fill the forms?Yes you do! I have a difficult time reading, so the forms help me to keep it all organized. You may talk about the commission with me somewhere else, but must fill the forms.